Anne La Bouchardière 
 Annabel Gibbons - Abstract and Surrealist Painter 


Born in India, Anne attended the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai (Bombay) before taking up residence in England in the 1950's.
   Married to David Gibbons she worked alongside her husband in the theatre for 35 years in the fields of wardrobe, make-up, scenery painting and set-design in Leicester, Birmingham and Solihull.
   Anne exhibited in both the Royal Academy and Foyle's Art Gallery while in her teens and since then has exhibited in Cork St. London at the gallery that is now Messumís, Birmingham, Bombay, Leicester, Plymouth, Sidmouth, Solihull and Wokingham.
   Anne and David moved to Cornwall in 1991 where she returned to painting, attending a Summer School at Slade College of Art and introducing surrealism into her work. She has since continued her studies at Saltash College of Art and Plymouth College of Art and Design, gaining a Certificate in Art and Design (as part of the University of Exeter BA(Hons) degree course).
   Her earlier work consisted of paintings of emotions. She then experimented with colours and their effect upon the onlooker. She tried painting to music. In Cornwall she included the atmosphere of the area: the sound of the wind, birds, cows and sheep. She has now moved to Devon and finds it just as beautiful.
    Anne's more recent work has been exhibited at Kennaway House in Sidmouth, Morley Contemporary Art, The Max Locke Gallery in Liskeard, the RBSA in Birmingham, Artists International, the East Cornwall Society of Artists and Drawn to the Valley.
Anne does not want to advertise her email address so please contact her through hrmtech who will forward emails.

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